The My Appletree book series is the beginning of the grandest adventure! This series takes you through the growth of a young boy, --through his early school years, the friends he meets, and the lessons he learns. He grows with each book. As the years' pass, he realizes the lessons, and his friends and family, have been there for a reason. At the end of the series, he knows that his next adventure must be achieved on his own.


The first book in the series, (the series namesake), has been named My Appletree for a reason, --in honor of the author’s grandmother, who planted an apple tree the day he was born. She showed unconditional love and kindness to all she met and knew.  This series also honors teachers, who not only teach what is required but also teach how to enjoy what they are learning by thinking ‘outside the box.’


“One of my elementary school teachers used to read from books like James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He kept our interest by changing his voice, --bringing those characters to life.  That sparked my imagination and enabled me to visualize the characters he portrayed.  I couldn't wait until the next day’s read!"


"Thank you to all teachers who think ‘outside the box;’ a special thanks to Mr.Tesbir of King Street Elementary.” –Author, William S. Caprio, Jr


The My Appletree story is about a young boy who, at the end of summer, meets a grasshopper, Grannie Annie, and two beetles. The beetles, Ike and Tike, talk to Johnny and help him on his journey. It’s a journey of life and adventure, --"what wondrous adventures await those who travel to the enchanted forest," says Annie. Off they go into the forest, but dangers do lurk. "Don't forget about the red dragon," warns Ike.  


Johnny's adventure will be life-changing for not only him but for all those around him, including his family and friends.  He will see and speak to people, animals, and creatures from the past, present, and future. "What seems impossible is nothing, because nothing is impossible," says Mantis, Keeper of the Cave.   


Enjoy the ride on this journey of life and adventure!  

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