03  The Big Rock


The Big Rock, Big Rock, Big Rock in woods


     Seems like a lifetime ago that he has been into the enchanted Forrest but only a wintry season has passed and spring has sprung, now he has new friends from the neighborhood.             Johnny and Alan venture into the enchanted Forrest where they come across the most unworldly of rocks. From a distance, it looked like a giant, tall, round rock that crashed on top of the trees which were sticking out of the bottom.  They climb and play and have the greatest of adventures.

Little Red Schoolhouse, The Little Red Schoolhouse
04 The Little Red Schoolhouse
coming in 2023


The Little Red Schoolhouse as found at the other end of the enchanted forest abandoned and left alone to deteriorate Johnny and his friends cleaned it up and used it for a while as a clubhouse. The adventures of the schoolhouse and the dangers of the dark side of the woods in the enchanted forest bring valuable lessons for all readers.


05 The Hollow Tree 
Coming in 2023

  Another year has gone by and not so many trips into the forest as the children have grown and are playing football, racing carts down the hill riding bicycles in the turnaround, so many exciting things.

They do make another trip into the forest through the field of tall brown grass where strawberries lie underneath the brush and find on the other side of the forest a large hollow tree.

Johnny goes inside the hollow tree and looks out,  an eerie feeling of life speeding up and him becoming older. What wonderment of new journeys lay ahead? Would they be good or bad?

Johnny realized this was his home he could never forget this wonderful enchanted forest and the many lessons learned from his experiences of life. Johnny realized at that moment time seemed to be standing still there was no sound of a breeze in the air, or creatures stirring about in the forest or anything anywhere. It was if the forest was letting him know the magic is still there.

Memories of a place forgotten the truth of the dreams and visions as the ground starts to shake much as it did in the dream he had when he was a child...of being in the hollow tree and the ground wasn't a dream it was a premonition!