The My Appletree book series is the beginning of a most Grand Adventure this first series takes you through the growth of a child through the early years the friends he meets and the lessons he learns. He grows with each book and as the years pass he realizes the lessons, friends and family have been there for a reason and at this time he knows that his next adventure he must do on his own.  

My Appletree  
Available September 2019

     This is the first of a 5 book series that begins with a boy (Johnny) who has a final weekend left before his first day of school. He explores his backyard and meets new friends (insects) who speak to him and let him know about the wonderful adventures that await him.  


     The story continues at his grandmas house where he climbs his Appletree planted on the day of his birth.    He is so happy in his tree. Later he tells his Grandma about his new friends in his own backyard. Grandma reveals something important to Johnny that he will remember the rest of his life and tell it to other people. 


The Enchanted Forrest 
 Release date scheduled for September 2020

     The Enchanted forrest finds Johnny embarking on a Greatest of adventures to the Enchanted forrest where he meets Prippo-dini a jolly fox and his family,  farther into the forrest he meets Snub a small troll and Whiska a raccoon. 


     The Enchanted forrest seems so magical but there is also danger Johnny needs to be aware when in the wooded forrest.


     Johnny goes to school and then on the weekends off toward to the enchanted forrest to find his friends and they go on Great Adventures together.

My Appletree, Boy sitting under tree, Boy sitting under appletree
The Big Rock

     Seems like a lifetime ago that he has been into the enchated forrest but only a wintry season has passed and spring has sprung, now he has new friends from the neighborhood whom he has met and plays with and they enter into the enchanted forrest where they come across the most unworldly of rocks in the middle of the forrest. They climb and play and have the most greatest of adventures.



The Little Red Schoolhouse


The Little Red Schoolhouse as found at the other end of the Enchanted Forrest, abandoned and left alone to deteriorate Johnny and his friends cleaned it up and used it for awhile as a clubhouse. The adventures of the schoolhouse and the dangers of the dark side of the woods in the enchanted forrest bring valuable lessons for all readers.

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The Hollow Tree


The Hollow Tree a mystical feeling as you entered into this tree that continued to grow even though its entire inner trunk and body was hollow. You could walk inside the tree standing straight up and turn around in it, yet the tree still lived. Finding this tree and revisiting all of the places and adventures that took place allow Johnny to recall, as he is growing older and doesn't seem to have the time to go to, all the wonderful places he has been. This book reminds him of the importance of never forgetting the foundation of life, lessons, friends, family and the difference  between right and wrong.