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Actors, Illustrators, Narrator and Author

A soon to be graduate of Clemson University, Hannah Rodgers’ body of work consists mainly of digital paintings created using Photoshop. She is also interested in cinematic and character animation. Her work has been exhibited at Clemson University several times and has won awards for her traditional and digital work. In the future, she hopes to work as a cinematic animator and/or concept artist for future movies and games, although she is currently working as a freelance artist.
Hannah is most interested in creating art that conveys a narrative. Much of her work offers up a journey both the characters within her art and the viewers take together. With this narrative comes an immersive change in time and place and subsequent change in meaning, significance, and atmosphere for the viewer. She takes fairy tales and myths and transplants the viewer into a canvas where both the real and imagined can coexist. With every piece she brings
in something that is familiar to the observer, only to juxtapose that familiarity with extraordinary new worlds, foreboding creatures, and unfamiliar atmospheres.
We are proud to have Hannah on board for this project. While interviewing her for the work she displayed a sense of excitement about the project. There were no "can't do's" in her language only "we can do" tossing ideas around and claiming ownership for her role.  It is without reservation that I am proud to introduce her to the Appletree team. Welcome aboard Hannah!! We look forward to your work.



A Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer and Consultant, Joan graduated high school with a scholarship to the Chicago Art Institute. After her introduction to Sarasota with a successful art presentation at The American Bank of Sarasota, she launched Fielding Design Studio, a public relations marketing firm.


Joan is especially proud and credited for creating the concept design and marketing campaign, providing all original graphics and copy, for Breast Health Sarasota, Inc., sponsored by Sarasota Ford, Sarasota Memorial Hospital and The Sarasota Herald Tribune. Recognized nationally, BHS was absorbed by The Susan G. Komen Breast Health Organization.


Joan also served as Art Director for Sarasota Sailor Circus through the celebration of its’ 50th Anniversary. Joan also produces yearly manuals for Sarasota County and many entertainment industry clients. She is an accomplished illustrator of children’s books (FROGDOGGY, BIG BAD RED, LOGAN, WISSY-WIG, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY) and has recently published her first novel for adult audiences, “LIVE LARGE FALL HARD.”



The inspiration for this project is two-fold. The first came from William’s grandmother who provided an unconditional love to all she knew. The second came from a few of his elementary school teachers. His teachers were able to spark his imagination by thinking outside the box.


“Teachers go through the same teachings year in and year out and wonder if they make a difference. They have made a difference for me. It must be stated so they may reap the rewards in knowing. For the teachers at King Street Elementary School in Danbury, Connecticut, I am forever grateful!


One teacher in particular use to read to his students from books like "James and the Giant Peach" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." He would change his voice with each character he portrayed and it sparked our imagination, we saw the characters in our minds eye as the story developed. 


 My hope is to pass the light they turned on in me, to others, and pay it forward"  

Nicola is a multi-talented voice actress with many voice styles. She has been instrumental in the voice development of Grannie Annie in the audiobook. Her voices has brought the character to life.


She is originally from England, although she lived most of her childhood in the Jersey Channel Islands across the pond. She now resides in Naples, Forida with her husband and two adult chidren.  


“I found my love of children’s books through reading to my children, Grace and Lucy, throughout their childhood, which made this project dear to my heart. I have traveled the world and have a passion for amateur dramatics, coupled with a love for animals and helping them find loving homes.”


We look forward to her many voices and bringing those character's roles to life. We are happy and proud to have Nicola on team Appletree.


Jill worked on the My Appletree project as editor. Her contributions were instrumental in
completing the first book of the series.

She is a licensed practical nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, self-
taught artist, author and editor. She has two published children’s books, --“Gramma’s
‘Jammas” and “One of My Favorite Things to do."

Jill is the founder of a biblically-related jewelry line, WearArmor®. She has earned her
BBA from Western Connecticut State University and has taken courses in writing from
The Institute of Children’s Literature.

We are proud and pleased to have Jill Caprio Scalera on board with the My Appletree


It is with great pleasure and high recommendations that I introduce and am extremely grateful

for the work of Beverly Barthman.  Bev's work on the audiobook as narrator is perfect, her tone commands attention for readers guiding them from scene to scene in the reader’s eye of imagination.

Bev is a mother, grandmother and great-grandma known to put angel wings in greeting cards which is

one of the many things that makes her stand out as an unconditional loving person. Reminding me of my

own grandma who this project is honoring, I am so proud to have you on board Bev.



When this project first started there was someone that didn't show up for the first session at Michaels Sarasota Recording Studio,  (formerly known as Sound Signature Studio) and the project was in jeopardy and certainly didn't seem it would be starting that day.


However Michael came to the rescue making a call to a friend who brought in his son, Ari. The project was not only able to move on but thrived. Some things happen for a reason and this was truly a blessing the audiobook project will thrive from his presence in the role of Johnny.


Ari is multi talented after that first session while in the editing room I heard a guitar playing and a young voice singing it was Ari he is simply stated amazing. He understands direction, timing and acting . This audiobook project and his role in it will be a succes


And now he has a dog, did I mention there are talking canines in this book?  That's right we get to hear their stories too. 


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