The ingenious mind of a great storyteller is showcased in "My Apple Tree" authored by William S. Caprio, Jr.  His mission to bring joy and wonder by expanding the minds of young readers to use their imagination.

As a child in elementary school specifically fourth grade, a teacher named Mr. Tesbir from Danbury, CT would take some time from school’s daily activities and read from books like James and the Giant Peach or Charlie and the chocolate factory to his young students each day, he would change his voice as he read the characters words from the book. Students from the class enjoyed the storytelling from Mr. Tesbir it sparked their imagination.

William has used some experiences in his childhood and put them to paper and added some magic and enchantment for color.

The My Apple Tree book series is the first book in a 5 book series and is the namesake for the series. The day William was born an apple tree was planted by his grandmother who showed "everyone unconditional love and support, always with a smile, gratitude, love, and affection for everyone. Thank you Grandma." 


A special thanks to all the teachers who not only teach what they are required to but also manage to find a way to teach us the importance of wanting to learn through their own imagination and thinking outside the box." 


William S. Caprio Jr 


William S. Caprio Jr, Author, Team Appletree