My Appletree Book Series Introducing Interior pages illustrator

Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace

Artist Bio and Statement

A soon to be graduate of Clemson University, Hannah Rodgers’ body of work consists mainly of digital paintings created using Photoshop. She is also interested in cinematic and character animation. Her work has been exhibited at Clemson University several times and has won awards for her traditional and digital work. In the future, she hopes to work as a cinematic animator and/or concept artist for future movies and games, although she is currently working as a freelance artist.

Hannah is most interested in creating art that conveys a narrative. Much of her work offers up a journey both the characters within her art and the viewers take together. With this narrative comes an immersive change in time and place and subsequent change in meaning, significance, and atmosphere for the viewer. She takes fairy tales and myths and transplants the viewer into a canvas where both the real and imagined can coexist. With every piece she brings

in something that is familiar to the observer, only to juxtapose that familiarity with extraordinary new worlds, foreboding creatures, and unfamiliar atmospheres.

We are proud to have Hannah on board for this project. While interviewing her for the work she displayed a sense of excitement about the project. There were no "can't do's" in her language only "we can do" tossing ideas around and claiming ownership for her role. It is without reservation that I am proud to introduce her to the Team Appletree. Welcome aboard Hannah!! We look forward to your work.


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