Jill Caprio Scalera

Author, Artist, and Editor: Jill Caprio Scalera

Jill worked on the My Appletree project as editor. Her contributions were instrumental in completing the first book of the series.

She is a licensed practical nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, self-taught artist, author and editor. She has two published children’s books, --“Gramma’s‘ Jammas” and “One of My Favorite Things to do."

Jill is the founder of a biblically-related jewelry line, WearArmor®. She has earned her BBA from Western Connecticut State University and has taken courses in writing from The Institute of Children’s Literature.

We are proud and pleased to have Jill Caprio Scalera on board with the My Appletree team.

#Artist #Author #Illustrator #Editor

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