Voice Actor Ari Greene

Introducing Ari Greene voice actor for the My Appletree Book-#TeamAppletree

When this project first started there was someone that didn't show up for the first session at Michaels formerly known as Sound Signature Studio now Sarasota Recording Studio and the project was in jeopardy of starting that day.

Michael of Sarasota Recording Studio offered to help and see if he could get someone, after a phone call to a friend, in came Ari with his dad the project was not only able to move forward but thrived from him being in it. Some things happen for a reason and this was truly a blessing.

Ari is multi talented, after that first session while in the editing room I heard a guitar playing and a young voice singing it was Ari he is simply stated, amazing. He understands direction, timing and acting with his own voice, claiming the role of Johnny as his own.

Now he has a new found friend his dog Ritz. Did I mention there are talking canines in the story?

Let the adventures begin Ari and we welcome you to Team Appletree.


#VoiceActor #MusicianGuitar

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